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My work

Here you can see the full range of what I get up to.

Everything from soul food crockery, through teapots and hot chocolate pots, to vases and match-holders

Soul food crockery

I love cooking for my family and friends. - it's an act of love.  Throwing a piece on the wheel is a similar act of devotion - for however long it takes, I put my heart and soul into it.

This is crockery for soul food.

Pots for tea, coffee
or hot chocolate

Making a pot of tea, coffee or hot chocolate is a ritual to be shared with loved ones.

A vessel for a moment together, a chat, a catch-up - the stuff of which friendships are made.

Jugs and vases

Whether they're for flowers or water, or just for a shelf, jugs and vases are receptacles of abundance, homeliness and comfort

Trinkets and

Sometimes they have a functional purpose, sometimes they really don't,

other than to be a nice thing.

(But match-holders have a strike-paper bottom!)

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